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Rosehip Oil 30 ml by Utama Spice
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Rosehip Oil 30 ml by Utama Spice Description Rosehip oil is made from the seeds of rose hips, which are left behind after a rose has dropped its petals. Rosehip oil offers an abundance of anti-aging benefits and is a natural way to uncover youthful skin without the use of harsh chemicals. Vitamin A improves skin texture and tone, vitamin C repairs skin damage and restores elasticity, and both stimulate collagen production. Vitamin E fights free radicals that can cause skin damage, and essential fatty acids increase hydration and reduce the look of scars and dark spots. Apply daily for a youthful glow. • Natural ingredients. • Improves skin’s elasticity. • Brightens skin and diminishes scaring. HOW TO USE can be used as a face serum to be applied once or twice a day. To use, apply several drops to fingertips and smooth over face in in an upward, circular motion. Take extra care around the eye area. Pro tip – Serums can also be used on the hair, or mixed with essential oils to create a custom blend. These are also carrier oils and can be used as such.
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