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Tricolor Quinoa 390 gr
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Tricolor Quinoa 390 gr Quinoa is one of the traditional foods that have been consumed since 4000 years ago by the Inca, Maya & Aztec Indians. It tastes like peanuts but quinoa is a family of beets and spinach, as a substitute for healthier rice. Also commonly consumed by people with a plant-based diet. Contains vitamins, B, E, folate, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, copper, iron, potassium, zinc, fiber, protein, and saponins. The high fiber content can help facilitate digestion and prevent constipation. The benefits - Healthy carbohydrate substitute - Rich in essential folic acid - Safe for people with gluten allergy - Daily fiber of food Kemasan: Wadah plastik pakai ulang Isi: 390 gr *Mohon agar wadah plastik dapat digunakan kembali. #zerowaste #sustainableliving

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