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ORGANIC Black Tea 70 gr
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ORGANIC Black Tea 70 gr Origin: West Java Black tea is known for its stronger taste because of its good caffeine, carbohydrate, potassium, mineral, fluoride, manganese, and polyphenols. Black tea is also a good source of antioxidants such as tannins, guanine, xanthine, purines, catechins and gallic esters. Consuming three cups of black tea is believed to increase one's concentration and alertness. Five benefits of black tea for the human body: 1. Good for heart health. According to research, consuming black tea can prevent cardiovascular problems. The antioxidants present in it prevent bad cholesterol. 2. Helps to prevent cancer Antioxidants in black tea help prevent the formation of potential carcinogens in the body and prevent pain in the rectum, ovaries, lungs and bladder. Black tea also helps prevent breast, prostate and stomach cancer. 3. Boosts the immune system Black tea also helps strengthen the immune system due to Tannin content. Drinking four cups of black tea per day reduces inflammation and the entry of pathogens into the body. 4. Maintain oral health The antioxidants present in it also reduce oral cancer. Antibacterial substances in black tea can inhibit bacteria that can cause tooth decay, not only that, the fluoride content in it is also able to fight bad breath. 5. Stimulates the brain and nervous system Black tea can make blood flow in the body perfect so that it helps the body to be relaxed and easy to concentrate. Consumption of four c
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