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Personal Care
ORGANIC Tamanu Oil by Organic Supply Co
Rp 125,000 - Rp 300,000
Beli minimum 100000, Gratis Ongkir
Beli minimum 200000, Gratis Ongkir
Tamanu Oil Organic - 30ml / 100ml 100% PURE COLD-PRESSED OIL Our Tamanu oil has a rich, deep scent with a bold dark color. Contains a dense array of powerful antioxidant and essential fatty acids,its benefits include : • moisturizes and nourishes skin and hair • treats acne and acne scars • helps skin irritation and skin blemishes • treats premature aging and wrinkles • treats diaper rash • helps treat sciatic nerve pain and arthritis • speeds up healing of bruises,wounds,cuts and scrapes • relieves pain Suggested Use Add 1-3 drops of oil to finger tips and massage skin and hair or mixed withhin formulations. STORAGE GUIDELINES Store in a cool dry place,away from direct sunlight and heat. May naturally separate or solidify at cold temperatures. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.
Berat: 180 - 250g
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Rp 125,000
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Rp 300,000
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