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Gluten Free Fusili Pasta
Rp 54,000
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Gluten Free Pasta made from cassava flour with natural color & ingredients. With this product, you can feel the delicious sensation of healthy pasta that is gluten-free, wheat-free, egg-free, milk-free, nut-free, and suitable for you who are vegan. This product is also made without preservatives, flavorings, and artificial coloring. Easy to digest, and suitable for you who has gluten sensitivity, leaky gut, or you who just want to maintain your overall health. Cooking suggestion: 1. Cook pasta in boiling water for 5-6 minutes 2. Drain, and rinse with hot water Kemasan: Wadah plastik pakai ulang Isi: 280 gr *Mohon agar wadah plastik dapat digunakan kembali. #zerowaste #sustainableliving
Berat: 430g
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